Welcome to WIRE

WIRE (Waste Issue Report and Enquiry) is the means by which you can raise any waste related issue directly with your service contract providers. If your organisation has been licensed to use this platform, we guarantee to immediately acknowledge any query raised and action it within 24 hours (or 72 hours if outside an existing contract).

In addition to providing a quick and fully auditable waste issue resolution service, data collected by WIRE is used, in combination with our other electronic tools, to monitor organisation’s waste generation rates, recycling rates and carbon footprint. This data enables us in our aims of supporting you and your organisation in setting and meeting challenging, yet realistic waste reduction targets and achieve the associated cost savings, by allowing us to monitor the impact of any new initiatives or best practice we implement.

Waste Issue Report

If you are a community nurse carrying out clinical activities within domiciliary premises and wish to raise a collection of the waste you have produced or to update a patient’s details or collection schedule, please click here.

Self Medicating
Waste Issue Report

If you have been prescribed medication by your GP or hospital to administer at home and would like to update or submit your details, change the frequency, date and time of your collections or to inform us that you no longer require our service, please click here.

Waste Issue Report

This form is for all Trust owned premises, GP’s and Pharmacies to inform us of any issue related to the collections of all types of waste produced on site. This can also be used to order additional containment and to inform us of any changes to the services they offer which will help us deliver a greater level of services to our clients.